WoW professions are a set of additional skills that can have an influence on both a character’s income and effectiveness in adventuring successfully. Certain World of Warcraft professions let the character gather raw materials such as ore in mining or plants in herbalism. Other professions such as blacksmith or engineer grant the means to utilize those materials in the creation of intermediate or final products, while others allow the creation of products from more easily accessible items like cooking food or creating bandages. A character may have up to two different primary professions.

The WoW professions involving gathering are skinning, mining, and herbalism. Using the appropriate tools, materials are gathered from around the game world and are then processed into something useful. For example, in mining, ore nodes are harvested with a mining pick and are then turned into metal. This intermediate product can be turned into weapons and armor by a character with the blacksmith profession. If the character who gathered the ore can not use it, the ore can be sold for a profit in the auction house or directly. Skinning and herbalism work along the same lines with different raw materials and different professions utilizing the intermediate materials, such as leatherworking and tailoring complementing skinning, and alchemy complementing herbalism. Other primary professions not yet mentioned include enchanting, inscription, and jewelcrafting.

Unlike the primary WoW professions, the secondary WoW professions have no limit to how many a character can have. Fishing is one which many players enjoy, since the fish can be cooked into foods which provide buffs to the character’s stats and increase the character’s health. Cooking is also a secondary profession. Bandages generated by the First Aid skill can heal characters during combat, and Archaeology provides the opportunity to receive many and varied items that are otherwise unavailable.

The choice of primary WoW professions is a matter of individual preference. Having two primaries that complement each other is usually the most important factor, generally revolving around a gathering skill and a production skill, as explained in the examples above. Some players opt for only gathering professions, which allows the raw material to be sold to other players.

The WoW professions expand gameplay beyond simple hack and slash. Many players see them as an integral part of the World of Warcraft experience, using their character’s abilities to gain wealth and make items for themselves that give them combat advantages, while others merely dabble. Whichever approach a player takes, the WoW professions are an intriguing addition to the game.

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