The Google AdWords API lets developers build applications that interact directly with the AdWords platform. These applications make it possible to automate common tasks so keyword tools api that advertisers and third parties can manage large, complex AdWords accounts and campaigns more efficiently than ever before.

The reasons to get started using the new API don’t end there. The API also makes available many of Google’s advertising products that are specifically designed to improve efficiency and performance. These vital tools include the Traffic Estimator, Remarketing, Product Ads, AdWords Campaign Experiments, and Enhanced CPC.

What can the Google AdWords API do?

• Generate keywords, ad text, and destination URLs to automatically appear in your AdWords campaigns

• Integrate your inventory system with AdWords to produce campaigns based on your current stock

• Facilitate the development of additional tools and applications to help you manage your accounts

Advertisers and third parties can develop in the language of their choice. The AdWords API SOAP interface is supported by all popular programming languages, including Java, PHP, Python,.NET, Perl, and Ruby.

Getting started

In search advertising, timing is everything. While manually creating and maintaining ads for large campaigns takes up hours of vital resource, the Google AdWords API enables you to dynamically integrate your online store’s inventory database with your AdWords campaigns. This means you can rapidly and automatically generate ads, creative text, and keywords for new products, as well as delete campaigns for products that no longer exist.

Key benefits

• Ensure 100% advertising coverage for your entire product inventory

• Advertise highly specific products and take advantage of long-tail coverage

• Enjoy a lower cost-per-click (CPC) in non-competitive fields

• Achieve higher clickthrough rates (CTR) and lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA)

Take it to the next level

Keeping the content of your ads up to date with relevant, useful information is essential to attracting web users who will convert into customers. Through the Ad Parameters feature of the AdWords API, you can easily update ads in almost real time with numeric information such as prices, stock levels, or a countdown.

In other words, you can dynamically include phrases like “Prices from X,” “Only Y left in stock,” or “Z days to go on this offer.” You’re able to insert up to two numeric placeholders in the ad text, and then automatically update these placeholders with values without the need for re-approval.

Key benefits

.Run time-sensitive or event-based promotions automatically across your campaigns.

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