Free Leads For Your Online Marketing Business

Unless you are able to produce low-cost and free leads for your online marketing business check this website you will find it very difficult to be profitable and stay in business for very long.

You don’t want to waste your time with trying to accumulate leads from just any source available such as Craigslist for example. Also stay clear of websites with low page rankings for placing an ad.

Mostly what you will get from these sorts of weak sources is a whole lot of looky lou’s and tire-kickers looking for a hand out.

There is nothing wrong with being charitable but lets face it, you’re in business to make money and not have your valuable time wasted talking to the wrong people who have no intention of joining your opportunity.

Learning to generate quality leads will be the fundamental key to your online success as an entrepreneur. You will want to diversify the sources in which you get your leads from just in case one source is shut down.

Getting leads from multiple sources will be the stability and life-blood of your online marketing business. You may be an affiliate marketer with a top tier online business or in MLM marketing. The same rule of thumb still applies.

No matter what online business you’re involved with whether it be MLM, top tier, network marketing, being able to generate quality leads without going into your profits will be the determining factor of the success you have as an online marketer in this very competitive industry.

Generating free leads by way of social media and submitting articles to various article directories with a back link to your personal blog is an excellent strategy in getting quality free leads.

Another free source of leads for your online marketing business is with video marketing. Some may find this to be intimidating but you’re really missing out if you don’t have this marketing tool in your arsenal.

You should have a plan laid out that you follow daily with consistency in generating free leads if you hope to be around for very long and be able to recruit new people into your online marketing business.

In this article I will be touching on getting free leads with your blog

Using your blog as a traffic source is probably one of the best ways of generating free leads. You will want to do some keyword research first though and find popular keywords with high monthly searches and low competition.

If you avoid the over used short-tailed keywords and instead utilize long tail keywords for your articles it will be much easier to rank on the first page of Google in a short period of time.

SEO For Your Online Marketing Business

You will also want to do a little bit of on-page SEO in your article which isn’t as tedious as it may sound. It’s rather simple actually and I’ll lay it out for you in a way that’s easy to comprehend.

Your keyword should be in the title of your article. It should also be in the headers, H2 and H3. Don’t concern yourself with H1 as the title will serve as your H1 tag. Finally the keyword needs to be in the first and last sentence of the article with about 1-2% being in the actual body.

Don’t make the mistake of stuffing the body of your article with the keyword too much thinking this tactic will help with search engine ranking.

In fact, it will have the exact opposite effect and will not benefit your online marketing business. If you follow the guidelines I outlined you should be Okay.

After you have completed your article and published it comes the daunting task of doing some off page SEO. This is where it starts to get fun and would help if you had a little help from a automatic article submitter otherwise you’ll be doing the work manually.

Off page SEO consists of submitting your article to multiple directories with a back link pointing back to your blog. Very competitive keywords will require more back-links than the ones with low competition.

The more sites pointing back to the original the better. Search engines will recognize these links and consider your blog as one with authority, thus pushing your article to the top of the listings which will drive free traffic your way.

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