As far as increasing your website security is concerned, there are several ways you can do to achieve it. One is by using a WordPress security plugin. This refers to a WordPress add-on that reduces or hides the vulnerabilities of a WordPress site Download Free Hide My WP plugin by providing automated security measures that can quickly fix such problems before it gets worse.

Today, there are several WordPress plugins available for you to choose from. So to help you with this concern, here is a brief discussion of some of the most commonly used security plug-ins that you can install in your WordPress site.


This refers to a WordPress plugin that enables a site owner to review whether the comments submitted to their blog posts are spam or not. Its major features include a comment status history showing the comments that have been cleared or marked by Akismet as spam, highlighted links in the comment body to reveal whether there is a hidden or misleading links, as well as spam or unspam reports with more information to help you improve accuracy.

WordPress Security Scan

The second most commonly used WordPress plugin is WordPress Security Scan. Unlike Akismet, this one focuses on identifying the weak points of your site and suggesting immediate corrective actions such as changing your passwords, locking down your file permission, increasing your database security, hiding your WordPress version, securing your WordPress admin control, as well as removing WordPress Generator META tag from core code.

Login LockDown

The third most commonly used security plugin for WordPress is the Login LockDown. This one limits the number of login attempts from a particular IP address within a certain period of time. It works by recording the IP address of a user and time stamping every failed login attempt.

Once this IP address fails to provide the correct login details within a short period of time, the IP address will be blocked from making any login requests, thus preventing brute force password discovery. This is certainly one of the best security plug-ins you can use. Unfortunately, this plugin has not been updated in over two years now. So you may have some compatibility issues if you decide to use it with the latest WordPress version. In case of doubt, consult a WordPress security service.

Better WordPress Security

Perhaps the most widely used and highly regarded WordPress Plug-ins is the Better WordPress Security. It is because it combines all of the WordPress security features and techniques in one single plugin thereby ensuring that no malicious script or code can harm your website. It works by concealing your website vulnerabilities such as admin usernames, passwords and software from potential attackers.

There is only one thing you must remember once you decide to install this plugin and this is reading the installation instruction. It is because this plugin can make some significant modifications to your database and other site files without creating proper backup. To avoid such problem, it is highly recommended to seek professional advice from a quality WordPress security service provider.

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