Few people can have failed to have noticed the recent and continuing growth of the online dating industry. Even in times of economic decline there has been growth white label marketing dashboard in this area as more and more people use the internet to socialize and to make new contacts. Some people have wondered how they can start their own dating sites. In this short guide we’ll cover the option of starting a white label dating site and how to promote and market your new venture.

What do we mean by the term ‘white label’? A white label product or service is one that has no brand or obvious identity. It’s sold or leased under licence so that another company can add their own branding and then sell the product or service and sharing the revenue with the originating company. The term is said to derive from the days of vinyl records when DJs would affix a plain white label to a record to disguise its true identity. So a white label product or service is one that another company supplies but to which your company adds its own identity.

White label dating sites are those for which the owning company supplies and controls the technical and administrative side while the partner concentrates on the promotion and marketing. This means that any individual or small business can become a dating site ‘owner’ without having to know anything about the coding, databases, and other IT tasks needed to keep the site running, and without the need for a team of administrators to deal with all the administration work. The partner can concentrate his/her efforts on advertising the site to the target market.

Since the process involves a partnership the first step is to approach one of the white label dating companies to register as a partner. There are several big names in the business and googling for the term ‘white label dating’ will provide lots of leads. Check out each company and look at some of their existing partner sites to get a feel for the type of market that they lean towards. Which one you choose will depend on your own interests and which markets of which you have knowledge and to which you feel confident about advertising. You might want to concentrate on a particular niche so choose a white label company that already has a plentiful supply of members in that niche. Talking to the companies is the only way to determine this for sure so take some time to do your research thoroughly before committing to one company or another. Of course, if you don’t aim for any particular specialty site then a general dating site can be built using the services of any of the white label companies.

Having registered with a white label company you’ll be given access to an administration panel in which you can design, build, and manage your sites. The control panel or administration area will probably give you access to templates and other design tools that will help you to give your site your site a unique look and feel, as well as one that suits the intended audience. It will also enable you to use all your SEO knowledge in order to give your site the best chance of being found in search engines. If you don’t know much about SEO then you’ll need to start learning fast as it’s crucial for the success of any site in this competitive industry, or any industry for that matter.

You may have the option of using a domain name for your site based on the domain in use by the white label company. This is fine if you want to get started right away but in the long run it’s probably best to register your own domain name and to make use of that. Choosing a domain name for an online dating site can be a bit tricky but with a little imagination, consideration of your target market, and some keyword research it’s still possible to come up with something both memorable and descriptive.

Let’s assume you have designed and built your first site and completed all your SEO tasks and you’re ready to launch the site. There can be a temptation to launch your site too early and doing so can be counterproductive. Hold off until you’re fully satisfied that all pre launch checks have been completed. As well as the SEO checks you should also check all the spelling, punctuation and grammar in all that unique content you added to the site in your control panel. You have added lots of unique content, haven’t you? If not then go back and do so now. Make sure the site’s HTML and other code is error free and that your sitemap and robots files are both correct.

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