Here is some information about some common dream images to get you started:

Dreams with Animals:

Animals pop up everywhere in our lives and, in turn, in our dreams. The subject of what animals mean in our dreams is as large as the number of animals there are to dreams about. Wild animals usually symbolize a sense of power or perhaps even a feeling ทำนายฝัน of being out of control and domestic animals can mean the opposite a feeling of being “trained” or out of control. I could probably write ten pages in the impact of animals on dream interpretation alone. However, for this post, I will try to stick to addressing only a few of the most common.

The appearance of a lion in your dream usually symbolizes a feeling of raw strength, pride, power, or kingship. If you are the lion or the lion is your ally these symbols are most likely referring to something within yourself. Do you feel powerful and strong? If the Lion is attacking you or someone you know takes on the appearance of a lion, the your subconscious might be trying to draw your attention to a danger that your conscious mind has yet to recognize. Look at what else is going on in your dream or at the person taking on the dream shape and then take a closer look at what aspect of your life you think they are pointing to.

A dog appearing in your dream usually signifies exactly what dogs stand for, devotion and faithfulness. Did you have a dream about your husband playing with a dog? If you did, you probably feel pretty secure in your relationship. Unless of course, you hate dogs… then you have a whole different issue!

Cats are know for their mysterious nature, their independence, and their leisurely comfortable life. Wouldn’t it be great to live the life of a cat? Lying around on comfortable chairs, then eating food prepared for you by your man servant before sunning yourself at a window with a beautiful view while you enjoy a nap? If your dreaming about cats, the image of the cat in your dream could be referring to just that. You could either be seeking or relaxed cat-like life or you are enjoying the fact that you already have it.

Dreams about Falling:

Falling dreams are a very common occurrence in dreams and one of those most talked about. While these dreams are usually scary, they may not always mean something. The body goes through cycles all night long, cycling between several different phases. As the body transcends into a deeper state of sleep, the complete relaxation of the body can often feel like falling. Many of have even experienced this sensation as we first drift off to sleep at night and it’s quite common for your body to respond to this feeling with a reflexive jump that wakes you from sleep. That jump was the body’s effort to try to protect itself from the impact it was expecting to come at the end of the imaginary falling sensation.

However, falling in a dream can also reveal something significant about your life. This type of dream most commonly occurs when a person feels like they have failed at something or when they feel overwhelmed by the their current circumstances. If you are having trouble sleeping due to common dreams of falling try sleeping with a pillow or other cushion pressed against your feet at night. The sensory stimulation to the soles of your feet will give your body the sensation of security and stability and has been known to drastically reduce the occurrence of falling dreams.

Dreams about a House or Apartment:

Dreaming about a house or apartment is almost as big a subject as animals. But, dwellings of some sort show up in most dreams so it is definitely worth covering some of their possible meanings here.

* Dreams being at home – Home is where you go to feel safe and comfortable. If you are in your own house or apartment you may be going there unconsciously to give your mind the opportunity to work through some difficult or chaotic activities that are happening in the outside world.

* Dreams about an unfamiliar house – These houses usually represent some aspect of you and can often be looked at as a physical extension of yourself. As you look at this house consider how it might relate to where you are in life right now. A big house may be trying to telling that you should expand your horizons. If you have taken on a big project that you are worried about being able to keep up with, you may dream about living in a mansions but being stressed about the maintenance of it.

* Building a house – dreams about building a house could be you’re looking for more security in your life or expand on the life’s foundation which you have already laid. This is a great time to start thinking about your future, your subconscious is already trying to tell you what you want and it will be easier to get in touch with that and decide your next big move.

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