One of the common topics of discussion in the Internet casinos environment, is whether the RajaQQ proximity of a computer and a credit card in hand, may or may not enhance a potential addiction to gambling.

One might think that the necessity to physically move to a land casino, could mitigate the impulses of a compulsive player, and thus control their addiction.

But is this serious?. Frankly I find very unlikely that the remoteness of a casino hall can reverse an addiction so unfortunate as to bet in an uncontrolled manner.

If that were the case, to eliminate obesity would suffice to remove all the refrigerators with food at home.

An addiction to any type of conduct goes beyond a mere physical distance such as the 30 centimeters that separate us from our PCs. For all gambling promoters, the access of addicted people to online gaming, is and always will be a matter of great concern.

We have thought many alternatives to mitigate the presence of online addicts, and personally I think that when the online gaming halls cease to be offshore, the main countries can seriously limit the access of addicts through the use of sophisticated technologies.

The online pharmacies for example, know when a person is buying medicines in excess,

and thus, they can limit the number of times it can be bought in a certain period of time.

It is not too different with the online gaming. With a high technological track could be very simple to know when a person is gambling in a rampant manner and automatically block the access of the player in a given game room.

The other reason that online gaming attracts fewer addicts, is simply because we never have much confidence in betting in a “blind trust” in a casino that is located thousands of miles away. So the stakes are generally very conservative. The fear of fraud is always present in the mind of the player.

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