Web filtering is whereby the content of the internet or a website is filtered to sieve off content that is deemed to be inappropriate for the user. Web filtering takes different forms like; a government or a state can filter certain contents in the internet or websites rotating proxy service from various destinations, it can also take the form of parental control to prevent kids from surfing adult content.

Web filtering -which is related to proxy service- is achieved through software that is manipulated to filter out those unwanted sites. This policing of content and websites are called web censoring if it is imposed without the discretion of the user, more so if it is undertaken by the government.

Secure browsing is whereby you can surf the internet, chat and perform other online chores in a secure manner. Secure browsing means that what you browse online is not dangerously exposed to outside elements and makes sure you do not leave any traces of your previous browsing history. One of the known benefits of a web browser is that it stores your browse history, which is a good thing as it saves you time if you want to revisit a certain site.

But this feature has its drawback in that this stored data can be accessed by unwanted visitors like a co-worker, which is an invading on your privacy. This is where secure browsing comes in by assisting you to erase information
n you want to do away with while at the same time leaving the data you do not want to hide intact.

Proxy service is the use of an intermediate server or computer to seek service or requests from other computers. It is related to web filtering in the sense that one gives instructions to the intermediary system to filter and brock certain files, pages, connections and other services that should not be transmitted through the system. The proxy service facility evaluates the instructions according to the filtering rules like IP address or Protocol.

Secure corporate internet is an online security mechanism that sets out to protect your company’s internet activities. The importance of secure corporate internet cannot be eulogized enough, especially when you consider the amount of internet hacking and the gravious consequences your company can suffer.

Below are some of the tips you can use to secure corporate internet in your organization; you should ensure that you hide your SSID -Service Set Identifier in case you are using a wireless network. It is important that you use encryption on your wireless access points, as this will make them inaccessible to strangers.All your computers should be secured with antivirus software as well as an antispyware protection in case you are using Windows.

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