One of the most highly repeated and frequently asked questions when it comes to the world of warcraft and other MMORPG’s online, is “how to power level your character quickly and legally?”. This is the all powerful question that just about every wow classic items to buy WOW’er out there has said to themselves at one point or another, after all, when your character power levels you receive better player achievements, HP points, as well as overall strength, damage, and magic.

So, if you are new to the World of Warcraft (or any MMO for that matter) or just getting yourself into the game, you will want to keep a few known power leveling strategies that have been used by gamers throughout the various global gaming servers. Remember that no matter how good of a strategy your leveling system may be, or how skilled of a Warcraft player you are, you must actually play the game in order for your character to power up their experience points in any way. It makes no difference whether you power level horde or alliance, the main goal is to quickly level 1-60 and then go for the elite 61-70+, where your character receives the ability for special flying mounts and is really regarded as an expert of the World of Warcraft.

Before we cover some of the leveling techniques, please note a fair word of warning. There are many different services and websites out there on the web that claim to offer power leveling services and gold buying or gold trading services that players can use to quickly upgrade their stats or gaming dollars. Unfortunately, many of these sites are not to be trusted and can actually lead to your accounts getting banned permanently. So do not take the easy way out because of the glamour surrounding a nice pitch, if you are serious about enjoying the game at a high playing level, you will need to get yourself a working power leveling system that stays within the legal boundaries of the Blizzard (Warcraft’s design studio) terms of use agreement.

Because the main purpose of power leveling is to maximize your characters experience in the least amount of time possible, you can use an array of different gaming techniques and strategies to achieve this goal through any means necessary. There are literally more than 10 different ways to play any WoW race and level up effectively through the map quests. Some Warcraft power leveling guides will tell you how to do mission after mission in order to up your experience while other WoW leveling manuals may promote grinding away as the best technique. As a matter of fact, combining the two of these types of power leveling techniques will actually produce the most consistent results in conjunction with a few other gaming add-ons.

The use of WoW Add-ons can really enhance the overall game play experience and speed at which you power level your specific character, be they elf, orc, human, etc. These can be extremely vital in order to not only consolidate all of your items and skills for your player, but also lead you seamlessly through mission quests as you travel along the map using your map coordinates add on (the most popular World of Warcraft player tool). Other add-ons will tell the player the amount of XP points earned per hour of play for specific missions and map areas.

Also remember that the World of Warcraft has several expansions and updates its servers and game patches regularly, so if you are playing under the Burning Crusade expansion, you will need to keep this in mind as you move forward with your power leveling. The reason being that there are slight changes in race skills, item drops, all new missions, and map areas as well. This also provides the gamers with new enemies and monsters to eliminate which can be an added bonus as you move through mission to mission while tossing in some classic grinding to build experience periodically.

Below is a brief list of the areas covered in the opening map quest sequence for any race of the Alliance characters.

Humans Power Leveling 1-12 in Elwynn Forest

So if you select humans as your characters race you will be starting off in Elwynn Forest which will take us to around level 12 or 13 if you play your cards right. Many gamers tend to fly right through these missions and add some quality grinding experience points to their character as well, this is really a starting hub that will get you started for the rest of the game, you will train and learn what you need to get readily acquainted with your World of Warcraft scenery and interaction. When you first come to in this area, you will be immediately able to pick up your first quest called “A Threat Within” and start along your campaign from then on out.

Draenei Powering Up 1-12 at Azuremyst Isle

If you choose to go with the Draenei as your characters race, then you will start off near the shipwreck in Ammen vale. Immediately you will be able to get your first quest after coming to called “You Survived” where you will fill in some of the story line gaps that have left you injured and deserted with this shipwreck. But focus on moving quickly through your first few quests while grinding for some experience points in different areas as you travel around as well. The key is to grind enemies to build hit points while you are moving from one location to another for the completion of your missions, in fact, some missions will even require that you eliminate a certain number of enemies which also helps to build power leveling fast as well.

Night Elves Power Leveling 1-12 in Teldrassil

This is one of the more popular races used by WoW gamers across various game servers and can be great characters to play with while power leveling quickly and building player abilities. Just as for the rest of the race characters, you will be able to start questing and grinding to build your power level experience immediately following the finishing of the main cut scenes that open the game. Remember to upgrade and train your characters skills and abilities as you gain more experience points and level up your player, this will also increase how quickly you can level and move through your quests successfully.

Leveling 1-10 Dwarves & Gnomes in Dun Morogh

One of the least used, but widely respected, Alliance races is the dwarves or gnomes who have a special place amongst WoW gamers everywhere. Maybe it is their smug attitudes or humorous dialogue, but these little guys provide a great medium that can be used if the player is still learning how to power level in World of Warcraft. When you first come to as a character of this race, you will be able start off with your first quest that you pick up essentially right where your character spawned, it is called “Dwarven Outfitters” where you’ll get some battle experience right from the beginning of your entrance to the World of Warcraft map area.

Other Strategies:

Group Questing/Party Questing – this can be one of the most useful and exciting experiences that any player can take advantage of through any server they are playing on. The concept is simple, link up a character or guild alliance group with some players who are looking to complete the same missions as you, or who are around your level and want to go form a grinding party, and get out there in the thick of things to boost their experience points by grinding away particular enemies in a map area. This can allow a player to not only enjoy their power leveling experience, but also pick up any techniques and tips from the experience of working with other WoW gamers.

As you can see there are many different routes that WoW gamers take in order to efficiently power level their characters as fast as they can. Knowing what it takes to balance both mission questing and battle grinding is one of the strong fundamental keys to seeing benefits in both power level as well as overall gamer’s skill in the game with character upgrades in experience game play. There are many right ways to make power leveling fast and efficiently, be sure to test a multitude of different methods to keep your WoW character well rounded and persistently increasing in experience.

As your powering up levels progresses you can get your mount and at above 60 you get the all powerful flying mount! Set your goals and get out there to achieve them, there is more ability to pull strong power leveling techniques and gold gathering practices that are legal than ever before. The World of Warcraft is filled with a world of opportunity for any gamer with a little bit of tenacity and motivation to succeed while enjoying the thorough development of their characters skills in their own grandiose image of themselves. We all want to see the world of warcraft through the eyes of our inherited characters, so enjoy yourself and make the most of your place in the WoW gaming empire.

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