So you want to write an ebook? To write and publish your e-books in today’s world means keeping up with fast paced changes taking place in online marketing. Selling your e-books means understanding how to access your hungry audience, a buy dragon raja account step which is critical to your success.. If you’ve been wanting to write an e-book, or learn how to publish and sell info products (or offline too), and aren’t quite sure how -be sure to do your research before you started!

It’s important to learn a step-by-step process before you write your ebook, following through with e-book creation, and then what you MUST DO to succeed at e book publishing. There are critical steps to get from desktop to marketplace, with great potential for passive income, fame and fortune when you sell your e-book.

E-book is short for electronic book. Though people still read printed books, instant e-book appeal is growing by leaps and bounds. The magic of purchasing an e-book online and having it on your computer desktop in minutes to read taps into our cultural habits of instant gratification. For those who are not computer literate an e-book may still be something mysterious they don’t quite understand, but for those who are used to surfing the web for information, e-books and other electronic info products are “where it’s at!”

Key #1- Researching Your E-book

Don’t make the big mistake of just imagining what you want to write and putting it out there. That isn’t good enough. There is essential research and footwork to do first. You’ll be glad you did. Save yourself years of wondering why your stuff isn’t selling. Key number one is find your hungry audience, and shape your e-book around how they are searching for your information. They will be using certain keywords and concepts they use in searching for information that will either soothe their pain or entertain them.

In order to get to know your audience and how they express their needs, use your main keyword(s) to search google. In the results you will see the products and information that are most meeting the needs of those who are searching. Another great place to look is Again use your main keyword(s) to search the book section and see what in your field is selling well. You can also search ebay, one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. By searching here with your main keyword(s) you’ll discover what your audience is buying.

You don’t want to copy someone else’s product, but by searching through what is selling in your field, you will stir up your own ideas and get to understand your audience better. This way you can provide them with an e-book that is answering their genuine expressed need, rather than what you imagine they want.

Key #2 – “Writing” Your E-book

There are many ways to “write” an e-book. In today’s world we have technology that carries us far beyond pen and paper of old. The most obvious way to write our e-book would be to type it out on the computer, using either MS Word on PC, or free Open Office, or on Mac, Pages. These programs have outline options that can assist with organizing our content, where it’s easy to even drag a section into a different place in order.

To take advantage of faster and easier ways to get our e-books “written” we can also use dictation – and no, not on the old tape or digital recorder. Dragon makes an amazingly wonderful dictation software (originally for PC, but now developed for Mac also) for a little over $100, that can make getting the content of your e-book into form about 5 times as fast. This software has a few voice commands that are easy to learn, such as “new paragraph” and “cap” for capital letter. Using this software may seem like a splurge, but it’s exciting to see your words magically appear on the document, and can really accelerate getting the job done!

Alternatively if you prefer to make a digital audio recording and send it online to a transcription service, there are places such as who will transcribe your audio file for about $.01 per word and have it back to you usually within hours. So you see there are no excuses!

You can also use a combination of the resources above get your content out into electronic form, or “on paper” as they say. The main point however is to get it done. Jump in there and try something. Build your document around keywords and in a form that will be appealing to your real audience. No more dreaming of writing an e-book, it’s time to do it!

Key #3 – Publishing Your E-book

An important step once you have your e-book written is to have someone or several people proof-read and give you feedback, so that you can clean up areas you might not see yourself. Additionally creating a professional looking layout, with headings, sub-headings and table of contents is essential. Even though it’s an e-book we still want it to look like a “real” book.

You may not know completely how to do this yourself, but don’t let this stop you. You might look on Craig’s list (and since you can do the work online – could be anywhere) for someone who does professional editing, layout and design. For about $10 / hour or a set fee you should be able to find someone who can do a good and efficient job for you on this.

Another resource is a college student who is skilled in this area. There are also online Outsourcers who can be hired for $2-$10 / at services such as, and These systems are self-explanatory and easy to use. If you plan to write several e-books, exploring these services could be a great asset to getting your work done.

Additionally it will be good to have a graphic made for a cover image and book image. You can also find excellent graphics people for a very modest price at the same services listed above. Good graphics will make your e-books much more professional looking and appealing to your audience. It makes them feel like they are getting a “real” book, which they are, just in an electronic form.

Once you’ve completed the steps above you will go into the “print” command and save it as a pdf. This puts your e-book into a form that cannot be edited by someone else. An e-book in many ways is easier to publish than a paper book. Though once you have your e-book into form, you may want to take it the next step, by submitting to an agent and publishing house, or self-publishing.

Selling Your E-book

Once your e-book is researched, written, and created into “published” form you will need to put it where your audience can find and purchase it. One place to sell your e-book is on for their electronic delivery device called Kindle. In order to do this your -e-book will have to be in the appropriate format, which again you can outsource this task if you need assistance with it.

If you desire to create your own online business to sell your e-book, you will want to develop your own website, named and built around the same keywords as your e-book. Certain mechanisms will have to be put in place such as a download page and a sale system. This may include a digital marketplace such as Clickbank, the largest digital retailer in the world. Again these tasks can easily be outsourced if you don’t know how to do them yourself, or there are courses online to teach you how to do these things.

It may seem like there are hurdles that slow you down from getting your e-book out, but it’s easier than you think. You could have your own e-book ready to sell in the next 3 weeks, if you’ll just follow the easy steps above. And did I mention? This is a great way to make money from home. Okay, what are you waiting for?

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