If you are researching personal safety devices, chances are you have had a debate with yourself weighing the pros and cons of guns versus stun guns. These two very different pieces of equipment offer different advantages that could mean life or sell csgo skins death to your and your family. Read on for a list of advantages and disadvantages that just might make this purchase a little easier for you.

1. Ease of Use. Guns require a lot of practice to master. Some people go their whole lives never making a good shot. Guns require practice to shoot effectively, and the nerves involved in a scary situation might be just enough to ruin even the best aim. Stun guns are much broader in their use. You don’t have to worry about aim because you are holding it to the skin of another person, and any skin will work.

2. Dead vs. Stunned. Guns carry a much, much higher kill rate than stun guns. Stun guns are designed to interfere with the body’s electrical system. A high voltage charge is delivered that interrupts other signals and leaves the attacker unable to move for up to ten minutes. Realistically, most people recover in just a few minutes, which is still ample time to make your escape. Guns shot well kill people, and with poor aim do nothing but let your attacker know you don’t know how to use the gun you are waving around. Without proper training, a gun is simply a green light for an intruder. A stun gun is much easier to use, and therefore more likely to be effective at stopping an intruder.

3. Accidental Firing. Stun guns and real guns both offer various safety features, but evidence of the insufficiency of these measures can be seen in the news every day. Accidental shootings take down children and adults alike. Simply dropping a gun can emit a potentially lethal discharge, where a stun gun is much more difficult to accidentally use. Even in the case of accidentally using a stun gun, the results are rarely ever fatal and never permanent.

4. Tools For Attackers. The worst case scenario for anyone trying to defend themselves from an intruder is being overpowered by the intruder. Intruders who come face to face with a gun will often assume you don’t know how to use it. They will sense any fear or hesitation you have and will grab that gun from you. Then, your burglar just became armed. A stun gun is easier to conceal, and even if the worst case occurs, won’t kill you. A robber who intends to use your protection against you can’t shoot you dead with a stun gun.

5. More availability. Families with small children should keep all guns locked away. Children are notoriously curious about guns and have learned from violent cartoons that they are funny and cool. Children are less likely to understand what a stun gun is and be attracted to it. Stun guns are much safer to keep in bedside drawers than real guns.

The point of purchasing a self-protection item is to keep you safer. Why purchase an item that just increases the chances you or a loved one might get hurt. Stun guns offer protection without the very real risks of guns.

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