If you are interested in horse racing or you may have even been to the track, then you possibly know a bit about the guy who will take your money when you place a bet. These characters are called Bookmakers. Now, Bookmakers have a bit of a sordid reputation as being a bit shifty and untrustworthy. Personally, I don’t have anything to do with Bookmakers besides placing my bet and walking away. Considering the amount that I’m betting, they have no reason to want to get to know me, either. Nevertheless, Bookmakers have a reputation as being untrustworthy so I guess it is up to you to decide who you place your bets with.

Sometimes Bookmakers are called “bookies.” One of my favorite memories of the Seinfeld episodes involved a bookie and cashed in on the laughs of them being an untrustworthy mob. Speaking bookmakers stranieri italia of mob, Bookmakers are linked to dealings with the mob and have a history of being involved in untrustworthy large multi-national organisations. Again, the tiny amount (in their eyes) that I place with the local Bookmakers would not have me looking like anything other than a recreational punter.

It seems that in most other countries, Bookmakers are a constant character that makes up the world of racing. America has one of the smallest Bookmaker populations. Or, if there are a large number of Bookmakers, they aren’t as prominent at the track as they are in say, Australia and Great Britain.

One thing you must always remember when you place a bet with Bookmakers is that they will always place the odds in their favor. This means that they have motivation to ensure that they win the money from you and that you go home empty handed. Bookmakers can be a good way to place a bet at the track, but I would suggest that you were aware of your betting options before doing so.

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