Before shopping for a cordless phone unit, check out magazines and websites that offer reviews of the different models available in the market today. You may choose to do an apple-to-apple comparison or pit different kinds against each other.

There are cordless phones that come with a built-in answering machine. Choose among those that provide Best Cordless Phones Reviews inboxes. Big families, or those who live with roommates, may find that having more than one inbox preserves individual privacy. Analog cordless phones, though not as secure as their digital counterparts, do offer a measure of security. Some come with an additional corded unit attached to the base. This prevents other people from scanning for your signal and intercepting it.

Expandable cordless phone units come with backup power sources such as batteries. When there is a power outage, you can still rely on the phone to work.

You must also compare the phones’ caller ID memory capacities. Most phones allow you to store most important and frequently used phone numbers in their memory.

Specialized cordless phones built for the hearing- and sight-impaired are also available. For the hearing-impaired, there are units that feature adjustable volumes for the earpiece (for incoming calls) and ringer (to alert user of an incoming call). The best ones are adjustable to levels that can make those with difficulty hearing regular phones to have no trouble at all. Voicemail messages are announced through a blinking light. Those with astigmatism or those who have a hard time reading can get units with large buttons featuring large letters and numbers and a red blinking light to indicate incoming calls.

But in the end, if it is the best set of features you are after, the cordless digital phone is the right choice for you. It may be a bit more expensive than its counterparts, but in the long run, its advanced features are all worth the extra money.

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