Unlike years gone by, there is now a vast array of bra sizes and styles available to suit every taste and every figure. This is great news for those amongst us that are petite bh größe tabelle or larger than average. It is also great news for those that like to combine the practical benefits of a good bra with style, comfort and a dash of sexiness.

Getting a Good Fit

It is important that in order to get the most out of your bra you are fully aware of your correct bra size. This will not only improve posture and comfort, it will also ensure that your clothes are a much better fit. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as going out to a function with your breasts bulging from the sides of your under-sized bra – except, perhaps, going to a function and having your breasts fall out of an oversize bra!

Before you purchase a bra, you should always check your bra size. If you think you may have lost weight or put weight on since you last bought a bra, don’t assume you will still be able to get in to the same size bra – measure up again!

The best way to check what bra size you need is to stand straight and wrap a tape measure around the ribcage, under the bust. Pull it so that it is firm but not tight. This will give you the size of your required band. To check the cup size you need, wrap the measure around the fullest part of the bust, and again pull until firm but not restrictively tight.

Whatever the inch size around the ribcage, you should add five to it (and round it up to the next even number if adding five gives you an odd number). This will give your band size. Then calculate the difference between the band size and the cup measurement to get your cup size. If the measurement you get when you measure for your cup size is the same as that of your band size once you have added five, your cup size will be A.

  • Up to one inch difference is cup size B
  • Up to two inches is cup size C
  • Up to three inches is cup size D
  • Up to four inches is cup size DD
  • Up to five inches is cup size E
  • Up to six inches is cup size F
  • Up to eight inches is cup size G

The Perfect Fitting Bra Should:

  • Contain the whole breast in each cup with no bulging or spillage
  • Contain the whole breast in each cup without excess space in the front part of the cups
  • Should rest levelly against the ribcage, with adequate room to slip two fingers in at the back
  • Should support your breasts totally, and remain in place even if the straps are slipped off the shoulders

Bra Types

There are now bras available for every occasion, from weddings and special occasions to pregnancy and sports. Whatever you are looking for in a bra, you are certain to find something that suit perfectly. So, whether you want to enjoy an innocent game of badminton or a naughty night of seduction, you can get just the bra for your needs.

The Internet is the source of a vast array of bras: you can find all colours, styles, sizes and prices online. Whether you want something cheap but effective or whether you are looking for the latest in designer bras, the Internet is the place where you are certain to find it.

Different Sizes

The bra sizes available these days are incredible, and whether you are large, small or in between you can get a great fit at the right price – and you can choose from some stunning designs and styles.

You no longer have to compromise on the look, comfort and style of your bra, whether you are an A cup or a G cup. These days, the power of the Internet allows you to choose from retailers all over the country – in fact, all over the world – so choice is something you will have plenty of.

Special Occasions

We all have the odd occasion where we need a special type of bra to really set off that stunning dress or that flowing gown. The good news is that there are plenty of special occasion bras around. You can get backless or strapless bras for that sexy little black number,  for that special night of passion, push-up bras for when you want to make the most of your assets, minimiser bras for the times when you want to tone it down a little – in fact, you really can get a bra for every occasion.

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