If you Add Your Keywords to Your Images you can Improve Your SEO Rankings.

By adding text to the attributes of the images on your web pages can help improve your rankings on Google.

When you move your mouse google ranking checker keyword over an image on a web page you often see text appearing as you hover the mouse over the image. This is known as the ALT Text (alternative text) or the Hover Text. If you change this ALT Text wording to match your keywords this will help Google pick up your page when it is searching through its database.

If you do not have your keywords on a page but you had your keywords in the ALT Text of the images, Google may display the ALT text in your description on the Google listing.

On your website you can probably change the ALT Text to suit your keywords, if you can not, it would be a good idea to use your keywords in the name of the image, that way it would again help Google pick up your keyword that makes up the name for that image.

Google is all about relevancy – make your content, image titles, ALT text etc. all relevant to your keywords.

However, you do need to be careful not to overdo it and stuff too many keywords into each page. Make sure that the keyword density does not exceed 3% (3 times in every 100 words) just to be safe and to minimize the chance of being blacklisted by Google.

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