Setting a blog up in today’s world is a lot easier than it used to be and much easier than you might think. A lot of people would have you believe that it is a very technical process wordpress down and needs to be done by someone who knows how to program and setup a website. Well this is no longer the case, as you will soon see as you read along.

if you follow along and take action, by the end you will have your very own blog up and running.

The first thing I would like to explain is the difference between and as there is often some confusion. is a hosted blog service in which you do not have to download or install anything and has some restrictions – you cannot upload themes or plugins and you are not allowed to run any form of ads. is an open-source web-based application which you are free to do with as you please, which makes it highly powerful and is very user friendly. This is what I will be showing you in this article.

1. Before you can get started with setting up your WordPress blog you will need to setup a hosting service with a domain name. I use, but there are many other services available. If you have had a recommendation from anyone you know then it would be worth checking out. If you are setting up a personal blog having your name as the domain name would be a good choice or you could come up with something imaginative. Once you have a hosting service and your domain name setup you are all set and ready to go.

2. Now that you have your hosting all setup, login to your domains Cpanel with the user name and password they provided you with. Now scroll down and you will see a panel called ‘Software/Service’ and within this panel you will see an icon called ‘Simple Scripts’ click on it.

3. You will now see a list of scripts which are available to you, but you are only interested in WordPress at this time. You will see the WordPress script under the title ‘Blogs’. Locate it and click on it now.

4. You will now arrive at the install page. Once you have read through the page click on the green ‘Install Now’ button. You will now be at the ‘Step 1: Installation Preferences’. The first drop down menu shows different versions of WordPress but you should always set this on the current version, but not a beta version. The next drop down menu is the domain you are going to be installing WordPress on. The domain name you chose when you setup your hosting service will appear in the drop down menu which can be changed if and when you have more than one domain name. You can also enter a directory name for your blog in the box provided along side the drop down menu to be installed into – for example instead of having your blog URL you could have which is how I have mine setup. If you just want just leave the box blank. Next under ‘Step 2: Advanced Options’ in the box provided enter a name for your site for example I entered ‘WordPress How To’ and then tick the two boxes underneath. Now all there is to do is to read the Terms and Conditions, tick the boxes and click on the green ‘Complete’ button.

5. Once Simple Scripts has finished setting up your WordPress blog you will be presented with your Site URL, Login URL, Username and Password. You have now got an up and running WordPress blog, just click on the site URL to see your blog. You probably won’t think much of the look of your site at the moment but this can all be changed and you can have a lot of fun doing it, and again none of this is technical – it can all be done very easily and as I just said it’s also good fun.

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