Are you looking for the right aluminium extrusion manufacturer? Aluminium is one of the most used metals in today’s world. The metal, mostly found as bauxite, extruded aluminium pipe is got in large quantities on Earth’s crust. It is also removed from feldspar.

Process of aluminium extrusions India

The manufacturer generally uses Bayer’s method, Wohler’s method and the Hall Heroult process to dig out the metal. After the metal has been removed as a molten liquid, it is hardened and given the required shape.

The process of giving form to the metal is known as shaping. If the extracted metal is found in solid state, mechanical processes are used by aluminium extrusion manufacturer India to give a proper shape. The processes are as follows-

1. Rolling
2. Drawing
3. Forging
4. Spinning
5. Piercing
6. Extrusion

Usually two types of mechanical working processes are employed by an aluminium extruder- hot working and cold working.

In hot working method, the billet is heated up to a temperature over 175 F, the recrystallisation temperature of aluminium. At this high temperature, the metal is distorted easily and new grains are produced. Then it is given the desired shape.

The extrusion and drawing process are almost parallel. In drawing method, aluminium is got through a die to lessen the diameter. To give cup and conical tapered shape, aluminium extruder utilizes a process known as deep drawing. Cylinder and seamless tube can also be formulated using this method. In extrusion, the heated billet is passed through an orifice under high pressure to give the proper shape.

Why hot extrusion is chosen?

You can easily compare the aluminium extrusion process with the squeezing of tooth paste from tube. It is easy to extrude the metal when it is malleable. This is the reason why hot extrusion is preferred to cold extrusion. It is also employed in case of other metals such as copper, nickel, magnesium and steel alloy.

The hot extrusion process is done in a special horizontal hydraulic press and its capacity may fluctuate from 200 to 6000 tonnes. The temperature can be as high as 450 C for aluminium extrusion. Three types are available- hot extrusion direct, indirect and tube extrusion.

The direct extrusion process requires a ram and cylinder to dig the metal out of the die while in case of indirect extrusion; the extruded part is passed through the hollow ram under pressure. A mandrel is used to offer a shape to the inside of the tube in case of tube extrusion.

Benefits of aluminium extrusion

It is comparatively costly to manufacture different shapes by welding. Construction companies always go for aluminium extrusion process for a number of advantages. Aluminium extruders prefer this process as this is cost effective as well as helps to create parts with a constant cross section. Its benefits are-

a. It is economical to fabricate
b. It is fine heat protector
c. It can be easily bonded with adhesive
d. Aluminium extrusion machines are low-priced to fit

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