Have you ever spent ages struggling to find a profitable niche or decent keywords that are actually worth creating content around? A lot of the keyword research tools on the keyword database market are slow and clunky, so in this Niche Reaper review I’m going to investigate whether keyword research is dead, or not, because of this service and whether it actually works.

What Is Niche Reaper?

It’s a new service by Matt Garrett that is available to 1,000 members in total. On the inside, members have access to a database which is being updated all the time. It works by identifying profitable keywords and niches, so the research part is all taken care of and done for you.

Who Is It For?

This service is targeted at beginner to intermediate marketers who are either struggling with finding valuable niches and keywords or are tired of the manual labor and effort required in order to identify them using either paid keyword tools or manually using free resources.

How Does It Work?

Obviously, I don’t know the technical details in terms of how the software engine works, but I can tell you how it works in practice. When you login you are taken to the homepage which lists keywords containing a lot of important information such as average pagerank, searches per month, domain availability and more. Every few seconds a new keyword phrase is added to the database and you actually see it all happen live.

The keywords are color coded so that you can visually pick out which ones are the most valuable. Green are the most valuable, followed by amber and then white which isn’t regarded as worth pursuing. You can also drill down into the top 5 results in Google and spot opportunities very fast due to the fact that Niche Reaper actually highlights them.

Niche Markets

As well as the keywords, this service also identifies countless niche markets that are ripe for the taking. Next to every niche market that is identified, there is also a count which represents the number of keywords currently in the database that apply to that niche market. This makes things very simple for knowing what domains to buy, niches to target and what keywords to create pages and content around.

Niche Reaper is a much faster and efficient way of doing things when you compare it against cumbersome keyword research tools. To be honest it makes a lot of conventional keyword research tools that you run from your desktop look quite amateur and clunky.

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