With any network marketing business two of the first lessons to learn, are:

  • keyword research ~ find keywords within your niche having around 1,000 – 2,000 global searches per month (use Google keyword tool)
  • SEO rankings ~ it is imperative you have Google analytics installed on your blog

During my short time being involved as a network marketer, I’ve learned significance of keywords and SEO rankings. white label internet marketing tools Initial skills taught were to simply write a list of people I already knew and harass the heck out of them with my offers. I realized I was cutting my leads and my potential income drastically, before I even got out of the gate. If you are not utilizing the internet, especially social media, to generate leads is mindless and to put it mildly ludicrous!!!

Some amazing keyword research strategies, that I have used, have allowed me to see AMAZING results. By doing thorough keyword research, I have literally watched my Alexa score literally begin to plummet!(Unlike the stock market, in this scenario, plummeting scores are definitely a good thing!)

Some key points to look at when trying to rank well with your SEO placements are the competition both locally and globally. By applying keyword research strategies, you will begin to have a clearer understanding of what to look for and what to avoid, within a matter of weeks.

Before you begin doing your research some things you must first decide:

  • what is your niche
  • once you’ve determined your niche, fine tune your knowledge and become an expert in that area (NO ONE person is an expert on everything)
  • figure out if you are planning on targeting a local or global customer base (or combination of both)

Now on to the good stuff. Make sure you are utilizing Mozilla Firefox for the most effective uses of the toolbar features. You will always use Google keyword tool, also other essential tools required for your research that you will need to download:

  • SEO book
  • rank checker
  • Alexa tool bar (not solely for you research, but to watch your progress as your Alexa score plummets)

The real step by step is a bit too extensive for one article, please stay tuned to the next steps in the research and SEO placement strategies in a future post. In the meantime, download the essential tools, start researching your keyword’s searches and prepare to take it all up a notch.

Thanks for reading, have an amazingly productive day, until the next post… Julie K Beachum

About Author: SEO Expert