Once you have your perfect sales letter written, and it’s proven to bring in the cash, what are you going гидра тор to do with the wonderful marketing asset you’ve now stored away in your files?

Are you going to do nothing with it, letting it retire to a life of peace and loneliness… or, are you going to make a glorious comeback with it, sending it to reach the minds and hearts of prospects, similar to those who became buyers?

Well, if you follow the core message in this article, you will see that for any successful marketing or advertising document you currently have, you can leverage that single winning document and have it make you an enormous amount of money.

What exactly am I talking about?

I’m talking about converting your winning marketing document into various media formats… without you having to reinvent the wheel every time with your marketing.

Let’s take a quick look at the various formats that are available out there. In no particular order, apart from the way they’ve come to my attention, we can think about….

* Postcard
* Faxes
* Leaflet
* Brochures
* CD’s
* DVD’s
* Email blast

Right there, we’ve got seven different formats we can adapt to our winning sales letter or marketing piece.

Now, I’m not saying that we should try to cram every single piece of the sales letter into each of the above formats. That would be silly.

However, there’s nothing stopping us from taking ‘chunk’s’ out of the main letter and using it to create interest and attention.

Say for example we wanted to use email to transmit our sales message. We could easily break the letter in to several emails and send it via an auto- responder series over a few days. Or how about sending a fax with only the main headline used in the letter and a simple instruction like “the rest of this letter is so inflammatory, it can cause wild fluctuations in your wealth, go here to read the whole story.”

Of course, using a CD where the letter can be read directly on the computer screen, as well as having someone ‘read out’ the sales letter in its entirety can also be an effective strategy as there are many people who ‘listen’ rather then read.

What about whisking off a simple little postcard to a group of prospects in order to see if they’ll respond… something similar to the fax technique outlined above?

Can you now see how you can create a sales letter that was written one time, can be converted into various formats that can reach your target prospects in a number of multiple ways and in a number of formats?

The thing about marketing is that it can get all too boring. Simply churning out the same marketing documents in the same way with the same approach can create a somewhat lethargic mental attitude which can be felt by the prospects and customers you’re looking to influence.

That’s why, having a number of different formats to play around with and test, is where all the creative excitement is. And let me quite clear when I say that that’s where the ‘creative excitement’ is.

I’m not at all saying that we have to abandon the bedrock of our style of marketing – direct response advertising and marketing. No. And I’m not saying we have to be creative for creativity sake.

What I am saying is that in order to get more mileage, more leverage, more interest and attention from our sales letters and marketing documents, all we need to do is give the same message in a number of different formats.

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