A beautiful and exotic New Zealand beckons you to travel around it in style in a rental car which is an enriching and enthralling experience. If you are in the North Island, you can hire a car at Auckland. If you are travelling in South Island, Christchurch is the place to rent a car. We have highlighted some important points for you to know before you plan on renting a car in New Zealand. Rent a Car Larnaca

Is your car hire dependable?

Make sure your car hire is dependable by checking if your car rental company includes 24 hour AA (Automobile Association) roadside assistance. AA is a not-for-profit consumer organisation which takes care of vehicle breakdowns giving you a hassle free trip around New Zealand.

Does your car hire meet your needs?

It is very important for you to make sure that the car you intend to hire meets your needs. When you contact your car hire company, be specific about the model of the car you are wanting to hire and your budget. Your vendor will have a wide variety of cars at various budgets, luxury levels and different seating capacities.

Are you below 21 years old?

If you are under 21 years of age, it is CRUCIAL to ensure that the car rental company you are hiring from will allow you to drive the car. Most car rental companies in New Zealand prescribe 21 years as the minimum age to hire a car. Hence, make sure that your car rental company allows you to rent a car and also confirm if there are any surcharges associated with it.

What is included in the car rate that you pay per day?

You must pay attention to what is included with the daily rate you pay for your car hire. Check with your car rental company as to what the inclusions and exclusions are.

Do you have special baby sear requirements?

If you have a baby on board when touring NZ, ensure that a baby seat can be attached in the car that you are renting. Also, most car hire companies hire out baby seats.

Have you decided upon the size of the car you are going to hire?
Take extra care in choosing the size of your car rental. Be particular about the type of car you are looking to rent.

Do you need a ferry service to transport your car?

If your tour of New Zealand covers both the North Island and South Island, you must make sure of your car hire company’s policy on the ferry crossing between the islands. Some car rental companies have depots on either island (Wellington on North Island and Picton on South Island). Some companies do not and this means you have to take your car on the ferry. From travel experience, it is easier to take your vehicle on the ferry to the other side instead of giving up your vehicle on one side, travel to the other side, transfer your luggage to the new vehicle and do up new contracts.

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