Grand Canyon mule rides have a long history at the Grand Canyon. For many decades travelers from all around the world have used these 4 legged vehicles to amble slowly down the trails of the Grand Canyon. A Grand Canyon mule ride is a good alternative for those who would love to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon from it’s bottom but don’t desire to actually walk all the way down and back up.

Currently, Grand Canyon mule rides are done through the local concessioner, Xanterra. The phone number for the switchboard at Grand Canyon is 928-638-2631. Tell them that you are interested in a Grand Canyon mule ride and they will connect you to the Bright Angel transportation desk, where all of the Grand Canyon mule rides are booked.

There are two different Grand Canyon mule rides to choose from. The first is a one day trip where you travel down the Bright Angel trail to Plateau Point and back, taking about 7 hours. There is also a 2 day Grand Canyon mule ride to choose from that goes to Phantom Ranch for the night, and then back the next day. Whichever Grand Canyon mule ride you choose you will be guaranteed amazing views!

There are also a few restrictions that must be met to be eligible for a Grand Canyon mule ride. The rider can not be more than 200 pounds, must be fluent in English, can not be pregnant, must be in good physical shape, has to be at least four feet and seven inches tall, or 140cm, and has to be comfortable being around heights and large animals.

It is very important to book your Grand Canyon mule ride far in advance of your visit to the Grand Canyon. These fill up very quickly and there may not be any vacancies if you don’t make a reservation far ahead of time. Currently, you are allowed to book up to thirteen months in advance.

I worked over a year and a half at the Grand Canyon and was able to speak with a few of the visitors that chose to go below the rim on a Grand Canyon mule ride. The responses varied, but most seemed to really have enjoyed their experience. It can get long though and many were sore afterwards. It’s important to follow all of the guidelines given to you by Xanterra for your Grand Canyon mule ride. This will ensure for a more comfortable and safe trip for you. A Grand Canyon mule ride is truly a memorable way to enjoy your vacation.

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