American Chinese dishes are very popular ביצים סיניות in the USA. Some years ago, many restaurants were established to serve Chinese food but with a difference. The dishes were prepared using local ingredients according to the taste of local people. As a result, American Chinese dishes were invented. We can say, these were the Americanized version of the native Chinese dishes. Let us know about some of the best American Chinese dishes.

Batter-fried meat, such as sesame chicken, lemon chicken, orange chicken, sweet and sour pork, and General Tso’s chicken, is generally highlighted a lot in American-style dishes, whereas battered meat is rarely seen in Hunanese dishes. Instead, they use lighter sauces with less sugar and corn syrup. Egg drop soup is another favorite. It is a chicken broth soup served with twisted egg ribbons and fried noodles. Egg foo young, also known as egg foo yung, is a Chinese-style omelet containing vegetables and meat and served with a brown sauce. The Americanized version of spring rolls has a thick, fried skin filled with cabbage and pieces of meat or seafood, like pork or shrimp, while the native Chinese spring rolls have a thin crispy skin stuffed with mushrooms, bamboo, and vegetables.

Fried rice dishes are among the most-liked dishes in American Chinese food. Very easy to prepare and less time consuming, American Chinese fried rice dishes have more soy sauce than the native version. Similarly, the American version of Kung Pao chicken is less spicy than the genuine Sichuan dish. Lo mein, also known as chow mein, means stirred noodles which are prepared using eggs, flour, vegetables and meat also. Another dish very popular in Chinese restaurants in the US, is Moo shu pork, which contains vegetables liked by Americans and thick pancakes. But the Chinese version is prepared using typical Chinese ingredients like wood ear fungi and daylily buds, and thin pancakes.

The Americanized wonton soup contains wonton dumplings instead of noodles and is thicker than the authentic soup. Tomato-based dishes like ‘beef and tomato’, and sauces are very popular in American Chinese cuisine. Some other favorite dishes include beef with broccoli, seafood especially shrimp with the occasional scallop or lobster dish, special diet plates having low-calorie dishes of vegetables and tofu. Combination platters including fried rice and normally an egg roll, and Chef’s Specialties having multiple meats and vegetables, though very expensive, are very popular. The back of the menu includes Lunch Specials, a smaller version of the combination platters, which are served at lunch only less prices. Generally, General Tso’s and sesame chicken are the most-liked dishes in combination with the other popular dishes.

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